The Sacking of Gulltown, and the Second Duel at Pyke

While Lord Aiden Rathais was away in Bravos on business to seek a loan from the Iron Bank his wife went to Gulltown to take care of some business. She also brought her children along with her so they could see the greatest port in the kingdom that as she put it “their family would want day rule over”, she was protected by a dozen highly trained knights sworn to house Rathais as well as Aiden’s squire Jon Snow of Winterfell.

Upon arrival in Gulltown Lady Cerene was not slow in her progress to put her machination in play. She went to the local slum district and went to a pub, there she meant with Lord Petyr Baelish whom she had arranged to meet with before he like her Lord Husband sailed to Bravos for business. There she arranged for Petyr to have Lyssa poisoned with Basilisk’s Venom.

Bealish took his pay and sent a man to do the deed, and proceeded to make his way to his ancestral homeland of Bravos.

Not shortly after that Lady Cerena was told a great storm was coming, and was instructed to wait out the storm in the more fortified areas of Gulltown, she took that advice and ordered her retinue to hold up in a local keep usually used by the passing lords.

It was when the screaming started, and they could hear the meeting of steel that Lady Cerena knew something was deadly wrong.

As the meeting of steel drew closer her defenders went down to the entrance of the keep to meet the would be attackers. Lady Cerena drew a dagger and prepared to defend her children to the death.

She heard the strangeld cries of her defeners die one by one, then lastly she heard Jon Snow cry out “What are you!?” and then the sound of him being cut down. “I am the storm boy, now where as those little birds I came to see?”

Cerena held her ground as she heard lone footsteps creeping up the keep. After a few moments a man dripping with rain water and reeking of salt came into the room. Cerena knew on the sight of the eye patch who the man was but couldn’t believe her eyes.

“You can’t be alive, you killed yourself at Pyke, almost killed my husband too!”

“If only I had miss, then you wouldn’t have to suffer like this. But you’re husband destroyed my house, so I’m going to destroy his future.”

With that Euron Greyjoy knocked out Cerena and her children and dragged them to his ship waiting in port as a hurricane and a small army of man took Gulltown to the torch.

It was a three month journey to Pyke from Gulltown, it had to be to ensure Aiden could follow the trail. But, Euron didn’t mind. He hadn’t gotten to take a salt wife in so long, and it only felt fair that he take his time with the woman who would be his last…he made the children watch.

They wouldn’t need to bear that trauma for long though. After arriving on Pyke he ordered his men to scatter to the winds, no one else needed to die for him. He then made his way into Pyke with his captive.

The first thing he did was hang the children. He let them pray any prayers they needed, he let them have any last words they required, and then he hung them, to await their Lord father.

Then he went up to the tallest tower of Pyke and he waitied, and when he saw Lord Rathais approach he knew it was time to enjoy one last taking of his enemies wife.

He finished his foul business as he heard Lord Aiden cry out in anger at the sight of his children, and just as he heard the Lord approach the steps of the tower he slit Lady Cerena’s throat and tossed her down the steps of the tower. He then met eyes with Lord Rathais and journeyed up.

Euron shortly had this fight with Aiden, and lost. Aiden brutalized the body taking the head, and giving it to his now not father-in-law Tywin Lannister, and then rode home to prepare his wife’s, and children’s funerals.

And he grieved.

The Sacking of Gulltown, and the Second Duel at Pyke

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