The Doom of House Stoneshire

House Stoneshire of the Stoneshire Mountains is as old the Conquest of Aegon I Targeryan.
The house was founded by Lord Varyn Stone, a bastard of some pre conquest lesser lord of the Vale and the Mountains of the Moon. Varyn Stone upon hearing of the landing of Aegon mustered a local militia of men and hedge knights who marched to meet the would be Targeryan King and his sister wives at his army camp that would later become King’s Landing. Soon after that he pledged his life and sword to King Aegon.

Shortly after this Varyn Stone became a stargent general, and soldier, for King Aegon the Conqueror. At the end of the war like House Baratheon who have their bastard ties to House Targeryan and the blood of Old Valyria, Aegon gave Varyn a woman of valyerian descent and named him Lord Varyn of House Stoneshire, and gave him a modest holdfast deep in the mountains of the Vale, as that was all Varyn asked of his King, recognition for his work, and the chance for his children to rise above the bastardy he was born into.

House Stoneshire grew into good bannermen for House Aryn, Lord’s Paramount of the Vale they fought many lesser war’s against the mountain tribes of the Vale keeping law and order in their lands.

They navigated the Blackfyre Rebellions with gusto and always ended up on the right side: the side of their liege lord’s, and the side of the throne.

This history of loyalty would be their undoing however.

When House Aryn raised their banners in open rebellion Lord Petyr Stoneshire was young, and dedicated to his House’s ancestral loyalty to the royal house of Targeryan.

With that in mind Petyr just past his 18th name day declared his banner that of a loyal house, a house loyal to House Targeryan, despite of the recent mad King. Petyr organized the sacking of supply convoys to reinfroce the armies of the usurper in the Riverlands, they burned ships in port at Gulltown when it fell to the rebellion when it was seized by the usurper, they even attempted to assassinate the customs master Peytr Bealish, All in the name of defending the sovereignty of House Targeryan.

The doom would come with the death of Prince Rhegar Targeryan at the trident. Lord Petyr was only able to keep his bannermen on the side of the loyalists as long as the chance for Prince Rhegar to become King was in play, the fact that the Mad King would not be the sovereign for the indefinite future. But, with the death of the last dragon House Stoneshire lost itself to it’s loyalty.

Lord Petyr Stoneshire, and his younger brother Rhegar Stoneshire were the last men of House Stoneshire. Lord Petyr a man of not even 20 made a dire decision for his house, one his brother Rhegar a boy of just 15 was ok with.

Petyr took their home to the torch, and declared he would bear no children and hold no lands as long as the usurper sat upon his throne, he would not take the new King’s pardon, and quickly rode North to take the black in the wake of the battle of the trident. Rhegar Stoneshire, devestated by the death of his namesake by the hand of the usurper also saw no want for the usurpers pardon, and took everything he could carry and traveled east. He would soon find himself a place in the crew of a fellow hater of the Usurpers of House Baratheon: Varian Fyre, a pirate who flies a special banner, a skull and cross bones, superimposed over a field of a three headed red dragon on a black field. To this day their only true targets, the only ships they butcher rather then sack are any ships flying the standard of the crowned stag.

The Doom of House Stoneshire

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