The Battle of Two Rivers

After failed negotiations with border lords of Frey lands Lord Aiden Rathais, likely spurred on by the grief of his dear late wife wanting to fulfill one of her unfulfilled plans, called his banners and marched west to try to force Lord Walder Frey to negotiate a settlement over the now disputed lands west of the vale, but east of the green fork.

Aiden decided his best course of action would be to march north to the Oldstones, a fordifiable position in the Riverlands from which he could organize a seige of The Twins, and proper negotiations with House Frey from a position of leverage.

After making his way acroos the rivers are marching north towards Fair Market Lord Aiden Rathais found himself looking down upon what he perceived to be the bulk of the Frey Host, a well seasoned army of about 1400 men lead by Walder the Bastard RIvers.

Under parley after Aiden organized his men into a fortified camp Walder the Bastard gave Aiden his father’s terms: leave and forsake all claim to the lands he now marched through.

Naturally that Parley quickly devolved into insults. It was Walkder the Bastard who ended the Parley mockingly commenting on the rain: “the gods are crying Rathais, I wonder who for?”

After this AIden watched in shock as all of the archers of house frey’s host had their bow knocked, and aimed at them…

WIth the battle on Aiden rallied his men and prepared to make a decisive counter attack.

Over the course of the next hour or so not much was accomplished, a few men killed , wounded. or maimed by Frey hours, but no men crossed the river into Fair Market.

It was at the end of this lull that Black Walder arrived with a team of Frey engineers with 16 catapults. To Aiden’s horror these catapulets were being loaded with dead soldiers…dead soldiers of house Rathais.

Black Walder called out across the battle field as the catuplets were prepped to fire.

“I’m told followers of the old ways put a lot of stock in bones, I suppose you’ll be wanting these back.”

And then the bodies flew.

Aiden quickly ordered his seige batteries to attack in kind and decimated the southern battery lead by Black Walder himself, quickly after this Black Walder was routed and rode north to rejoin the bulk of his father’s host at The Twins.

A few short hours after this Walder the Bastard seeing the Rathais host making a decisive push across the river orderd his men to retreat north, Fair Market was not a slum worth his death, and the death of his men.

Upon striking his banners across the town Aiden took the local town hall for his war council, and court, while he began planning the march north.

The Battle of Two Rivers

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