Blood for Blood

Black Walder cried out in pain as the Knights of the Wyrewood beat him.

Aiden and Dorian watched from chairs in one of the cells deep in the bowels of Sky Ring Keep’s dungeons.

“All you need to do is answer us freind. What do you know about the theft of the treasury of my vassal lord! Dorian is desperate to give your lord father a tree, and I will humor him once you give me an answer. Walder the Bastard told us you we’re in charge of the guerrillas working in my lands, and the Brave Companions tell us they only occuiped, they followed their contract to the letter, and had no reason to steal the money, your house paid them very well, looting was unnecessary! Answer me you worm!”

Aiden charged acroos the room and threw Black Walder up against the wall.


“I never saw his face, and he never gave a name…” Black Walder said between coughs of blood and broken teeth.

“Any thing else you want to know before you are given the old god’s mercy?” Dorian said as he spun something on the table with a grim smirk: a wyrewood seed.

“He had blue lips…” Black Walder said weakly as he resigned himself to silence just starring blankly off into space.

Aiden waved to Dorian as he walked out of the cell satisfied with that answer.

Aiden only had two thoughts as he ascended the stairs: who are these blue lipped cunts, and what do I or my house owe them?

Blood for Blood

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