Preview of Season 1 Episode 1:Dark Days. Dark Wings, Dark Words

In Kings Landing: Jon Aryn hand of the King is dead Ser Griffith Coldwater rides with the King’s caravan north to try and earn favor of the bereaved king, to perhaps return his house to it’s former glory. Francis Pyremount’s son Merxahes Pyremount arrives to become Ser Barristan the Bold’s squire.

In the East: Francis Pyremount continues to negotiate with Griff the Commander of the Golden Company, who harbors a dangerous secret.

At Dragonstone: Tywin Fyre must balance his Lord brother while trying to navigate the treacherous waters of the a seven kingdoms without Jon Aryn as Hand, and a Lord of Dragonstone who believes he has found evidence of a dark secret hidden by the royal family in Kings Landing.

In the Vale: Lord Aiden Rathais receives word of the death of Jon Aryn from the acting hand his dear friend Petyr Baelish. Aiden prepares to continue his part to play in The Great Game of Thrones. He also makes plan for a grand tourney in honor of the death of his maternal great uncle, to hopefully curry favor to be named new Lord of the Vale in the aftermath of Jon Aryn’s will taking effect, giving House Royce the former holdings of House Aryn. In the North: Lord Dorian Blackwyre receives word of the Hand’s death Dorian’s squire Young Griff receives word from his father in the East of dangerous news. And Lord Stark offers Dorian a proposal. Measter Joramun receives a dark vision, with darker ramifications.

At the Wall: Commander Valyn Fyre of the Torches prepares to ride south to meet with King Robert in Winterfel to seek aid for The Wall, while Randyl Waters prepares for the Grand Ranging north of The Wall to fortify the lands around the ruined wildling settlement of Hardhome, and to dispose of a dark relic with his head ranger Malcolm "the Slayer " Thenn.

Preview of Season 1 Episode 1:Dark Days. Dark Wings, Dark Words

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