Elyse Stark nee Malaker 'The Blood Rose of the Vale' 'The Red Bride'

Niece of Bruce Marshal,


Name: Elyse " The Blood Rose of the Vale" Malaker
House: Malaker/Marshal
Gender: F
Age: 20
Titles: ‘queen of love and beauty’ the last women to receive the title in the vale before war broke out.
Floating/ Uninvested XP: 0
Unspent Destiny Points:2
Agility: 3
Animal Handling:2
Awarness:6 empathy 2
Deception: 5
Fighting: 3
Healing: 3
Language: 3 common 2 bravosi
Knowledge: 3
Persusasion:6 charm 2 seduce 2
Status: 5 Breeding 1 Reputation 1
Stealth: 3
Survival: 1
Thievery: 1
Warfare: 1
Will: 5

Qualities( Benefits/ Flaws)
flaw warfare and theivery
Attractive, charismatic, compelling, Pregnant 4 months.
Derived Stats
Intrigue Defense: 15
Composure: Will 15
Health: 6
Combat Defense: 11

Armor Type: clothing
Armor Rating:0
Armor Penalty:0
Bulk: 0

Weapon Name:Stilleto
Test Dice used:3
Weapon Damage calculation: agi pierce 2
*repeat these as necessary


The Favorite of Bruce Elyse grew up wanting for nothing. The greatest toys, horses, teachers nothings was to good for her when She turned 12 and had her first moonsblood. Marshal knew he needed to stop spoiling her and introduce her to what life is like in the world. So he sent here with his guards as well as her brother to tour essos hoping it would expand their horizons. they traveled for four years in essos and in that time they truely found themselves they left children but came back as adults.

Her beauty is said to be the greatest the Vale has ever seen with her long Flowing hair that is as crimson as fresh blood on the snow, her eyes are as bright green as an emerald held over an open flame. Her beauty and her tendency to draw blood when caution is not taken has led her to be called the Blood Rose of the Vale.

After the 2nd battle of the trident when the haughty lion was wounded by the wolf pack when pressed into shields of the vale. King Robb Stark was so taken by her beauty that he took her in the gardens of Shieldsend after her uncle offered her hand in marriage to align the Vale, the North, and the riverlands once again.

She is currently Pregnant with the Child(male) of Robb Stark.

Currently with the Karstarks of winterfell nominally as a hostage but as an observer in truth meant to learn of the north and their ways to better prepare her child when they eventualy take control of the north.

Elyse Stark nee Malaker 'The Blood Rose of the Vale' 'The Red Bride'

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