The Doom of House Rathais

Aiden Rathais rode from the Eyrie with much haste, smoke brewing in the distance. There was battle brewing in front of him, and a battle lost behind him. Petyr Baelish had shown his hand. He’d betrayed Aiden fully, and shown evidence of his conspiracy to kill Lyssa Aryn, the conspiracy his wife finished before her death. Aiden had thought her death would mean that cloak and dagger affair would be lost to the annals of history, but no it wouldn’t stay buried. Nothing stays buried.
Aiden and his men arrived at Sky-Ring Keep to a nightmare.
Wyldfyre had been unleashed upon his home. His feilds were being torched. His emblacments were destroyed. And his people were dieing.
Then Aiden saw who was doing it.
They bore no banners. They bore no armor. All they bore was steel, and hate.
The clansmen of the mountains of the moon had come to Sky-Ring Keep.
Aiden felt his heart sink to his boots.
The fears of Rathais the Wise had come to pass, once again.
But…the couldn’t be the gods work, he mused as he watched the unnatural green flames burning against the superior walls of his castle, melting them to ash. He knew in his heart Bealish had to have something to do with this. Who else could have gotten wyldfyre out of KIng’s Landing? Even with his connections with the King, he’d been unable to get it. But, Bealish always gets what Baelish wants.
Bealish wanted the Vale. Bealish got the Vale. Bealish wanted AIden to be warden. Aiden was named warden. Bealish didn’t want the canal project to begin. Aiden couldn’t get the financial backing behind for his canal from the Iron Bank.
All of this had to be Bealish.
“My Lord what are we going to do?!”
Aiden looked to his side to see his dear friend Lord Marshal looking distraught, and ready to kill.
“Lord Marshal you take half of the men, sweep through the tunnels try to flank them as I-”
“Lord Rathais!”
Aiden turned to see who had cut him off. He scowled. It was LORD Jeffery Coldwater. The last man he wanted to see right now.
“What do you want Lord Coldwater, I’m a little busy at the moment.”
Lord Coldwater nodded fear in his eyes.
“I’m a lord of the Vale now, I’m here to fight for the Vale, I brought men with me. How can we help you repel these invaders.”
Lord AIden scowled for a moment. This was Bealish’s man. Surely he was sent here to act as a dagger in the night. Slip under his armor and leave him to die in the fields. He was sentenced to a trial by conflict, if he died in battle it would show the gods justice is done, if he lived it would show he was absolved of his sins. But, he couldn’t shake this feeling of dread.
“If you want to fight for the Vale, go with Lord Marshal, your going to try and flank around them while I make a push up through the ruins of my gate house. Do you think you can handle that Ser Coldwater?!”
Lord Coldwater nodded with a small scowl and walked over to Lord Marshal and began talking strategy with him.
As his men prepared for a push AIden walked over to a small clearing by a tree untouched by the rampage. He looked to the sky and saw Kevin circling his location, and he could hear the bird was crying.
Without a word Aiden called the bird down and took out some parchment and a quill and ink that he’d kept on hand in case he needed to take notes at the Lord’s Moot. As Kevin rested upon his pauldron AIden wrote his last will and testament.
He would leave everything to Dorian. Dorian was an honrable man who would take good care of the family lands. He would ensure his daughter got a proper marriage, maybe even matrilinial so that the name will love on. And, most of all, perhaps if House Rathais became the property of Dorian, the most godly man he’d ever meet, just maybe the gods will life the curse on his family.
Grimlly AIden tied the message onto Kevin’s foot.
“Take that to Dorian, he should be in King’s Landing. If not there you know where his keep is right?”
The bird nodded grimly, not it did not take off. It wanted to stay and fight with its master.
“Go on now Kevin, this is my battle to fight, not yours. I couldn’t bear the thought of you dieing here, not in your roost with white feathers. Now go now!”
Aiden teared up a little as he had to scream at the bird, his oldest friend. That bird was born with him. He raised it like a child. And now he had to send it away.

As Kevin flew away Aiden came to the front of his men and called them up to march. And march they did: into the maw of destruction that had become Sky-Ring Keep.
When Aiden and his men made their way to the gatehouse Aiden and his men found themselves beset upon by a giant mob of clansmen. AIden couldn’t even really see the end of them. It felt like just a wave of enemies were crashing against him, and his ship wasn’t sturdy enough to hold up.
But, they fought on against the clansmen. Even for a breif moment Aiden thought perhaps he could smell a victory, but then he saw it.
Upon one of the inner walls a squad of clansmen were moving a ballista into position, aimed right for his men. As he watched those men prep it for fire, he watched a wall of archers prepping flaming arrows, and firing them into the area AIden knew Marshal and Coldwater had to be advancing through.
Aiden cried out driving his men on to push through the mod of clansmen. Surely they could push past their lines and get out of the line of fire, they could charge through these savages and make their way to the castle. Surly some of his men were alive in their holding out for a rescue.
As his mind ran a mile a minute Aiden heard something that for a moment made him feel hope. The sound of a cavalry horn. “Reinforcements!” he screamed in his head. Perhaps Royce and rallied his men fast enough and come to his aid.
it was cavalry. But it didn’t bear the ensigns of runestone, not it was Hearthguard. Perhaps the steward of Hearthguard had fought of the savages who must have overrun the hall and killed the late Lord Hearthguard. Aiden actually walked towards the back of his lines swiftly eyeing up the cavalry, trying to get a better look at them.
It was as he did this that he felt his blood go cold.
It wasn’t Hearthguard’s cavalry. The clansmen who were sacking Hearthguard, stole the holdfasts war horses, and armor, and…lances.
Aiden called out as he beared his valyerian steel greatsword prepping to act like a pike against the wall of cavalry.
“Form up!”
What was left of his knights did their best to form of with him. But as Aiden looked around he knew in this moment. All was lost.
The men waited for another order, perhaps a tactical retreat…somehow?
“…it has been a pleasure serving with you all these years…if gods be good I’ll see you in the next world. Don’t make it easy for them!”
And with those final words Lord AIden charged forward on the cavlarly. In a blur he found himself actually killing a horse running his sword it like butter. But, eventually he found himself on his back the beating charging horses beating him into the dirt.

As Aiden felt the darkness encrouching on him his last thoughts went to his family.
His wives…his children…his parents…his brother and sister.
He saw them all and as his eyes closed for the last time Aiden uttered his final words:

“I’m sorry…”
And then he was gone.

The Doom of House Rathais

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