The Death of Lyssa Aryn

It was a dark day in Kings Landing when the city awoke to the great bells of the Sept of Bealor being rung. Everyone knew that those bells being rung could never be a good thing.

Ser Barristan Semly was the first to arrive at the Tower of the Hand as the bells rung. He hadn’t been told any details, only that there had been a tragedy up there. He kept a hand on the handle of his sword as Ser Jamie Lannister and Ser Meryn Trant approached from behind him braced for any hostiles still inside.

As they walked inside Ser Barristan found himself disgusted. Lying in the middle of the floor was Lyssa Aryn, Lady of House Aryn, wife to the Hand of the King., dead. She was killed by a single stab wound to the throat. However in her hand was a dagger with dried blood on it.

Ser Barristan soon figured out that dried blood was of most of her house guard died in the same room as her. However, one man was still alive. His scale mail adorned in the finery of his status, it was Gregory Hugh of the Vale, Jon Aryn’s squire.

“Drop you’re blade Gregory, out of respect for our Hand please explain what happened here” Ser Barristan said calmly as he knelt to the man who was leaned up against the wall in an almost catatonic state.

Gregory Hugh placed his sword down on the stone floor slowly as to not garner the aggression of Ser Meryn who wasn’t known for his subtle use of his blade. With that he stood to address Ser Barristan at eye level.

“Lady Aryn was herself for most of the night. She kept to herself as she dined on some pork from his Grace’s last hunt. It was after she dined that everything seemed to take a turn for the worst…” Gregory started.

“What happened when things got worse?” Ser Jamie Lannister asked a little worried.

Gregory sighed.

“She emerged from her bedchambers shortly after that with a knife. She called out screaming “You won’t hurt my boy!” and then she killed her two personnel guard. I barely had the time to unsheathe my sword before she turned on me…and then well I suppose you know what happened next."

Ser Barristan nodded a grim look on his face. His ears still rung with the echo of the bells tolling. Then he turned to Ser Jamie Lannister.

“Kingslayer, go fetch the Hand, he will want to hear this explanation from the eye witness himself. Trant, go fetch Maester Pycelle, I need him to confirm a suspicion.”

As the other two Kingsguard left Gregory looked confused at Ser Barristan.

“What suspicion do you have Ser?”

Ser Barristan was silent for a moment as he took a long hard look at Lyssa’s corpse. He stood up and looked at Gregory somberly.

“My suspicion is this Gregory: you didn’t kill Lady Lyssa, she was poisoned by her enemies.”

The Death of Lyssa Aryn

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