The Aftermath of The Battle of Two Rivers

After winning Fair Market and it’s adjoining lands Lord Aided Rathais was not slow to dig his heels into all the land he had conquered.

Aiden quickly established a war council, and his court, at the local town hall of Fair Market, he told his councilpersons that he believed “within a fort night I will make court in The Twins, with Walder Frey as my cup bearer”.

His council all laughed, save Measter Mance who hobbled in fresh from the road from Sky Ring Keep with a package of letters and dropped them at the desk of his lord. Upon quick examination of the letters Aiden was a little forlorn at their seals: a bronze tinted seal from The Eyrie most likely sent by it’s stewart Lord Royce, a blue hand with an iron ring in the palm clearly from his liege lord Jon Aryn in the capital, a gold lion obviously from his former good father Lord Tywin Lannister at Castierly Rock, or perhaps Lord Kevan in Lannisport, and finally a letter wet from rain with a grey direwolf seal from Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell, his former foster father.

The Contents of these letters are included thanks to the dictation of Measter Mance

From Lord Royce:

Dear Aiden
Gulltown has been sacked…again. Well not exactly sacked more occupied. A sellsword company known as the Brave Companions sit in the town like fat quail. They are also attended by some Frey boy with black hair. Also Lord Hearthgard’s coffers have been raided, a dead eagle was left in the empty treasury with a simple note written in the birds blood: we take our toll. You have brought this war to our door steps and I would have you send aid or end this foolishness

In short send aid, or turn your banners and come home

Signed Nestor Royce

From Jon Aryn

I will make this brief Aiden as it seems you have been making rather a mess of my late wife’s homeland. You have just started a war without the consent of his grace the King, I would bid you supplicate yourself at court before his Grace and explain why you have broken the King’s peace.

Hopefully I will see you soon, with you’re head intact
Jon Aryn, Hand of the King, Lord of the Eyrie, High Lord of the Vale, Warden of the East

From Tywin Lannister

Dear Aiden

Out of respect for our mutual loss I’ll ask you once to stop this war Aiden.
My family has a marriage alliance with House Frey through one of my nieces, and I can’t break that alliance lest I lose favor with my more pious lords who respect such “sacred” things.

If, and when, Lord Walder calls for my aid I have an obligation to send him something.

Make this easy for all of us: bring him terms he negotiate with.
Cerena would not want such senseless bloodshed.

Lord Tywin Lannister Lord of Castierly Rock, Warden of the West

P.S. I hope this war does not require me sending my host. Because, you know who I would send to lead it, and he isn’t fond of you.

From Lord Stark

Dear Aiden

Whiteharbor as well as all of the other ports of the North are being blockaded. After talking under parley with a very interesting summerislander it has come to my attention they have been hired by Lord Frey to starve you out by ensuring no supplies can get to you by sea, he has ensured me no man of the North will be harmed, the ships will only be seized and returned to port, with as little bloodshed as possible, and any man caught going out of his way to kill a prisoner will be given to be for the King’s justice.

With that said this little land grab of yours has put my people at risk, and I will have none of that.

I will say to you is as a fellow Lord, as a friend, even as your former foster father: Aiden Go HOME!!!!

Eddard Stark Lord of Winterfell, High Lord of the North, Warden of the North.

With all these messages in hand Aiden had a plan, a way to bring this war to as easy and bloodless a close as possible. He wrote a letter to the king.

A copy thanks to Maester Mance

To his Grace King Robert of the house Boratheon the First of his Name King of the Andals and the First Men, Protector of the Realm

From Lord Aiden Rathais of Sky Ring Keep

Your Grace I write this to you as I prepare to ride to The Twins under parley to negotiate with Lord Walder Frey. As I ride north my brother Dorian Blackwyre will ride south with his host of the Knights of the Wyrewood, a host of at my last estimation at least 2100 men strong, before my arrival these men will lay siege to The Twins and soften Lord Frey to my terms, or at least give him a reminder he isn’t the only man in the world with reinforcements. I will do my utmost to restore your peace by making terms with Lord Frey, but I do ask of you Robert, as a friend, even as a King, would you not recognize the realm would be more prosperous without the Freys?

Regardless of your answer to that question I hope this letter finds you well, Kevin has been instructed to deliver it to you perosnelly, rather then busying the Grand Measter with such a petty squabble such as this.

I hope we can meet soon under less dire circumstances Robert
Blessings of the Old Gods Open you

Signed Lord Aiden Rathais of Skyring Keep

Upon the sending of that raven, as well the receiving of a raven from Dorian stating he was marching south with all of his men the north could give him to show Walder Frey the wrath of the gods for ordering such as heretical act as the desecration of a man’s write to proper burial.

The Aftermath of The Battle of Two Rivers

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