Order Of the Iron Star

The order of the Iron Star is a very young Order just recently organized by King Bruce Marshal and his son Ignacy Whitehelm in the year 298. The order is a call back to the Knights of old Andalos who were called Hussars. King Bruce and his son beliving that with recent new advances in metallurgy and military tactics that the Masters of the long lance and curved saber can rise once again as one of the most formidable forces on the battle field. Hussar_knight.jpg

The order is open to all that believe in the ‘Seven that are One’. They are first and formost dedicated to the realm and its stability. They prepare for war so they can defend the peace. The Order has very close ties to the faith of the seven and while not subservient like the faith militant many members of the order are honorary leymembers of some septs. When out of Hussar regalia members of the order are noticeable by this sigil that is prominently placed upon the their person. Iron_Star.jpg and when in full regalia it is placed between the wings on the armor where it locks into place. To have such a sigil and be unable to prove you are of the order is to have the enimity of the entire order who will stop at nothing to retrieve their Brothers soul.

While the initiation to the order is not known in full detail it is known that the potential recruit is sequestered away away to the neares main chapterhouse which upon their arrivel locks itself down for seven days and seven nights. the only other known part of the initiation is that it is administered by 4 septons 2 septas and the chaptermaster.

How fast the order came together when king Bruce announced its formation is startling and all agree that this must have been set in motion for a long time. having 2 chapters set up so shortly must have had logistical plans already set into place.

The first and current Grandmaster of the Order of the Iron Star is Bruces son Ignacy Whitehelm.Hussar.jpg

Founding Chapter House at MarchersEnd called the Chapter of the shield ( the castle shall be bequeathed to them upon the completion of the castle Eastgate until then their HQ is the equine breeding estate(read heavily fortified estate on the grounds of some small castles) in the lothieian hills) Main Chapter of the vale.(and only till others can be set up)
Defense 33(3)
Influance 46
Lands 17
Law 32
Power 72(2)
Population 30
Wealth 32
founding: very recent 1d6 -3
ascent: 5 inf, 1 land, 6 power, 3 wealth
glory: 2 def, 3 inf, 3 law, 6 power
Favor: 4 inf, 2 land, 3 law , 5 power

7 Elite Units of cavalry


Chapter of the Road main chapter of the riverlands. founded at Shieldsend. currently located at shieldsend until the securing and rebuilding of Farharbor. they been given temorary command of north and southwatch two watch towers along the kingsroad owned by and kept by house Grimm on the look out for brigands and such.

Defense : 27
Influence: 35
Population: 23
founding: very recent 1d6-3= 3
infrastructure: 5 5
Glory: def 3, inf 4, law 5, pow 6
infrastructure: 6 & 2

18 elite Cavalry and 6 veteran Cavalry

With the convention of the bolton forces to bruce marshalls cause and have been folded into the forces of the iron star where the have been converted to the faith of the seven.

30 units of infantry mix or reg & vet
25 units of Horsemen mix of reg and vet

total troop numbers
1,500 veteran infantry
1,500 regular Infantry
500 elite Hussars
300 veteren Hussars
320 regular Hussars

Order Of the Iron Star

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