Night of Red Winterfell

Important Characters

Victors: Bruce Marshal ‘Sunderer of Hearth and Kith’ Main collaborator and alive , Doran Malaker collaborator and alive, Elyse Stark nee Malaker ‘The Blood Rose of the Vale’ ‘The Red Bride’ Distraction and alive. , Geoffry Malaker Collaborator and alive ,Ignacy ‘Whitehelm’ Casimir collaborator and alive,Meraxes Pyremount Witness and alive,Roose Bolton Collaborator and dead King Joffery Baratheon Architect and alive.
Vanquished: Robb Stark-dead(beheaded whilst consummating marriage), Rickon and Bran Stark dead( throats cut in sleep), Arya Stark dead( run down by horse) Caitlyn Stark dead( arrow in the back), Sansa Bolton alive(managed to flee to the wall) edmure Tully dead(drowned), assorted other northern lords dead.


The night of red winterfell broke the army and soul of the north and finished the northern war of independance. it is considered the foulest act to be conducted in westeros since the murder of the blackfyre claiment in the red keep.

Night of Red Winterfell

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