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Welcome to the Measter Codex, within these wiki pages is all the information canon to our new established continuity in The A Song of Ice and Fire.

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Episode Summaries
Episode One In Depth Summary
Episode 2 In Depth Summary

History Episodes
The Death of Lyssa Aryn
The Sacking of Gulltown, and the Second Duel at Pyke
The Battle of Two Rivers
The Aftermath of The Battle of Two Rivers
The Treaty of The Twins
Blood for Blood
The Doom of House Stoneshire
The Doom of House Rathais

Turning points
Night of Red Winterfell

Assembled armies
Blackfyre Forces

Character Links

Chief Builder Garick Harvickson
Bruce Marshall
Gereld Sanguinine
Bryce Grim
Doran Malaker
Elyse Malaker
Geoffry Malaker

Lord Dorian Blackwyre
Deamon Blackwyre
Measter Crass
Ser Arthur Shattersun

Lord Marcas Fearchar
Maester Joramun
Petryr Stoneshire
Rhegar Stoneshire, “The Bleeding Stone”

Ser Graffin Coldwater
Jeffory “Bullzeye” Coldwater
Vaeras Muiridoon

Ser Francis Pyremount “The Dragon Knight”
Lady Gwen Pyremount
Meraxes Pyremount
Balerion Pyremount
Vhagar Pyremount
Elena Ember
Randyl Waters

Lord Nathan Fyre
Commander Valyn Fyre
Tywin Fyre
Varian “The Bloody Wyvern” Fyre
Natalia “Bottle Sucker” Fyre

Player Houses

House Rathais (destroyed)
House Marshal
* House Blackwyre
House Fyre
House Pyremount
House Ember
House Coldwater

*House Blackwyre is also a successor house to the defunct House Blackfyre, until Lord Dorian Blackfyre assumes any throne to proper reestablish it

Player Bannerhouses

Sworn to House Blackwyre of The God’s Stone:
The North
House Dryftwyre of the Eastern Shore
House Giant’s Blood of The God’s Peak Mountains
House Mormont of Bear Island
House Fearchar of the Charred Shore
House Aergon of Skaggos
The Vale
House Oldeblood of Wyrewood Keep
House Hearthguard of the Hearthland(technically but no oaths sworn)
Sworn to House Marshal
House Grimm of the Shield Lands
House Roth of Roth’s Lake.
House Ryder of Black Harbor
House Grayson of Durain’s Forrest
House Malaker of Lower East Valley

Knightly Orders with Player Characters
Order Of the Iron Star

Valyrian Steel weapons owned by houses
House Marshal Owns a Double headed Battleaxe named Breathtaker. It is said one should never let it take your breath away twice, for the first time anyone sees its beauty is when you lose your breath first and the second and last time is when you see it coming ever closer on the field of battle. Its beauty has songs song of it in the vale, with the fine engravings on the blade twisting upon itself over and over again there is never a doubt it will steal your breath at least once.
House Malaker Doran Malaker wields a Great shield made of valyrian steel that he acquired in a death match in essos. it is called ‘Dragonscale’. so called because it is shaped as such and near as impossible to get past.

House Blackwyre/Blackfyre Lord Dorian Blackfyre bears the valyrian steel longsword Blackfyre as part of his pushing of a claim on the iron throne by right of his blackfyre lineage and the request of his late squire Aegon VI Targeryan

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