House Roth

Origin Era: Rhoynar Invasion
Current Status: Greater Landed Knights, send Engineer professors to the Royal Military Academy
Current Lord( Lady): Lyonnel Roth(42)
Current Heir: Erin Roth(15)
House Words: With patience all enemies folly
House Weapon: a large shield made of valaryion steel.
House Seat: Titanswatch
House Sigil: A white castle on a field of maroon embattled with black
House Lands( claimed or otherwise): the Mountain called ‘The Titans Shoulders’ the valley Plains surrounding Roth’s Lake a dejure claim on land along the river called "the maidens tears’

Defense 45(5)
Influence 19 (9)
Lands 19(0)
Law 15
Population 21
Power 27 (0)
Wealth 26 (11)
House History:

House Roth sits at at the North east mountain called ‘the Titans Shoulders’ at the convergence of east Valley and the Rathis Valley as well as their two rivers connect(the Hewn River and the Ice Water Rush respectively) and form Roth’s Lake before continuing to the sea as the Maidens Tears. Their keep Titans watch controls the entire area and has enough siege engines that to go further up the Rathais Valley without taking it would be foolish and impossible to even get into East valley without taking it as the only road into East valley lies firmly within bow distance of the the keep. They one the land during a tournament but heredity control of the land came when they won an extra event in the tourney facing the five next best knights at once and soundly beating them.


House Roth

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