House Ember

Origin Era: Contemporary
Current Status: Cadet House to House Pyremount, Lesser House of Dorne, Bannermen to House Martell, and House Pyremount
Current Lord( Lady): Lady Elena Ember
Current Heir: none
House Words: Embers Burn Bright
House Weapon: none
House Seat: Ember Hold
House Sigil: A burning red ember on a black field
House Lands( claimed or otherwise): Ember Hold, and surrounding hinterlands
House Region: Dornish Mountains

Land: 25/70
Defense: 20/70(40 invested in the creation of Ember Hold)
Influence: 20/70
Law: 25/70
Power: 36/70( none invested, no marshaled men held by House Ember)
Wealth: 17

House History: Lady Elena Embers was born Elena Flowers, twin sister to Ser Francis Flowers the Dragon Knight. They were conceived and born just before their lord father would marry his first wife, because of this breach of marriage convention they were born bastards, this would earn their father’s disdain. Given their bastardy they were never groomed for being lord and lady of House Pyremount. Francis was groomed to be a knight, and a great general spending his youth fighting with The Heirs to the Flame, their houses ancestral mercenary company seldom spending longer then a few months at home at First Hearth. Elena on the other hand was groomed to be an agent of the house. She was trained in stealth, in sleight of hand, and even in poisons. She would serve on her brother’s war councils until his final stint as commander general The Heirs to the Flame, during the Greyjoy Rebellion. She maintains a spy network wherever she has lived longer then a few months. She has spies back home in The First Hearth, she has spies in Pentos and Bravos, she even has spies in King’s Landing, but her personnel favorite, is the spy she has in High Garden.

When Lady Gwen Pyremount became Francis’s wife shortly after his naturalization and knighthood she spared no time in working to elevate Elena above her bastardy through marriage. In the end of was a lesser lord in Dorne, Lord Ember of Ember Hold in the mountains of Dorne that would take her to be his wife, as a house that kept a red temple for Reylor Elena had no issue with this betrothal, and soon she was Elena Ember, red lady of House Ember.

And, soon after that under Dornish Law she became head of house when her husband succumb to a sickness. Terrible tragedy. In the aftermath of her husbands death Elena turns to look back to her family, to House Pyremount, and knows in her heart she will do anything to ensure they rise above any, and all enemies, of their house.

For as the prayer goes: for the night is dark and full of terrors.

House Ember

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