Episode 2 In Depth Summary

In the East: The Targeryan King’s Guard welcomes a new member in that of Arthur Shattersun( formerly Arthur Sand, a bastard son of Oberyn Martell), as well as Ser Shattersun’s friend from the fighting pits, Benok the Faceless, a freed slave, seeking to be reunited with his lost love. King Viserys invited Captain Varian Pyremount, as well as some chief members of the crew of The Bleeding Dragon, who are then chartered to bring the King and his retinue to a meeting with the Iron Bank of Bravos.

In the Kingdoms Proper: Lord Aiden Rathais and Ser Rathain Coldwater sought out Tyrion “the Imp” Lannister in connection to the attempted murder of Bran Stark. After a lengthy conversation about it possibly being The Hound, who is blonde. After that Lord Dorian and his retinue continued to accompnay Lord Stark south within the King’s Caravan. During this due to a fight between Crown Prince Joffery and Young Lady Arya ended in the execution of Young Lady Sansa’s direwolf Lady, in absence of Young lady Arya’s direwolf Nymeria being secreted off North by knights of the wyrewood. Lord Rathais received a dark message from Measter the contents of which he shared with his brother Dorian, as well as drunkenly implying the contentsof it to his nephew Belarion, and Lord Fearchar.

In the North: Commander Fyre failed in his ranging North when Malcolm donned the Crown of Winter and lead to the destruction of a full score unit of rangers as well as the wounding of many men of The Torches. Commander Fyre, his Steward Randyl, and the Chief Builder, fought long and hard to try and take down Malcolm before he donned the Crown, but alas they failed.

And so the Song of Ice and Fire continues to Episode 3: Cold Lords

Episode 2 In Depth Summary

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