Jeffory "Bullzeye" Coldwater

Former Lord of House Coldwater


Name: Jeffory Coldwater
House: Coldwater
Gender: Male
Age: 55
Titles: Formely Lord of House Coldwater, Formely Knight of the Seven Pointed Star
Floating/ Uninvested XP: 0
Unspent Destiny Points: 1
Agility: stat 5, 3B Quickness
Animal Handling: stat 1, none
Athletics: stat 3, 1B Strength
Awarness: stat 5, 2B Notice
Cunning: stat 4, none
Deception: stat 3, none
Endurance: stat 4, 2B Stamina
Fighting: stat 2, 2B Longblades
Healing: stat 4, 2B Treat Injury
Language: stat 3, only common tongue
Knowledge: stat 3, 1B Education
Marksmanship: stat 7, 3B Longbow, 3B Crossbow, 3B Seige, 3B Thrown
Persusasion: stat 2, none
Status: stat 2, 2B Reputation
Stealth: stat 5, 3B Sneak, 2B Blend In
Survival: stat 4, 2B Hunt, 2B Forage
Thievery: stat 1, none
Warfare: stat 1, none
Will: stat 5, none

Qualities( Benefits/ Flaws)
Quality: Ranger of the Nights Watch( currently assigned to the torches), Blood of Heroes( Marksmanship),
Flaw: Reviled, Flaw( Warfare, Animal Handling, Theivery)

Derived Stats
Intrigue Defense: 11
Composure: 15
Health: 12
Combat Defense: 7( when in breasplate), 9( when in no armor)

Armor: Breasplate
Armor Type: Metal
Armor Rating: 5
Armor Penalty: -2
Bulk: 3

Weapon Name: Longbow
Test Dice used: 7D + 3B
Weapon Damage calculation: 7( agility +2)

Weapon Name: Javelin
Test Dice used: 7D +3B
Weapon Damage calculation: 3

Weapon Name: Heavy Crossbow
Test Dice used: 7D +3B
Weapon Damage calculation: 7( agility +2)

Weapon Name: Longsword
Test Dice used: 2D +2B
Weapon Damage calculation: 4( athletics +1)
*repeat these as necessary


The banished lord of House Coldwater, opted to take the black rather then be executed by Ser Payne, and quickly became a ranger at the torches under Commander Valyn Fyre’s head ranger Malcolm “the Slayer” Thenn. Trusts Malcolm more then Commander Valyn. Arrived after Commander Fyre and his men saw a White Walker, doesn’t believe they are real, but hates Wildlings.

Jeffory "Bullzeye" Coldwater

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