Ignacy 'Whitehelm' Casimir Grand Duke of the Shieldlands

Grand master of the Order of the Iron Star


Name: Ignacy ‘Whitehelm’ Casimir
House: Marshal
Gender: male
Age: 25
Titles: The bastard Marshal, the Knight of the Whitehelm
Floating/ Uninvested XP:
Unspent Destiny Points: 2
Agility:4 Q1
Animal Handling: 6 ride 1
Athletics: 4 S1
Awarness: 4
Cunning: 4
Deception: 4
Endurance: 4
Fighting:5 spear 3 LS 1
Healing: 1
Language: 3 common
Knowledge: 4
Persusasion: 4
Status: 7
Survival: 3
Thievery: 1
Warfare: 4 C 2 T 2
Will: 5
-2 destiny points
Qualities( Benefits/ Flaws)
Flaw theivery
flaw marksmanship
Spear 1
blood of andals
leader of men
armor mastery1

Derived Stats
Intrigue Defense: 12
Composure: 12
Combat Defense: 12

Armor Type: winged Half-Plate
Armor Rating: 10
Armor Penalty: -4
Bulk: 3

Weapon Name: superior Lance
Test Dice used: 5 + 3b
Weapon Damage calculation:
Superior Saber
5+ 1b


It is unknown who the mother of Sir Ignacy is as Lord Bruce and Five knights decided to travel the east for some unknown reason that took them away for night 8 years in 275-283 All that is known is that the Lord Bruce came back with the child but neither his lordship nore his men said anything other then the child was bruces. other then that the child was born late in the year 275 Bruce has refused to comment on anything else.

Raised as his recognized son but not legitimized caused interest in the boy that quickly wined with the on set of the decent of King Aerys into madness. His early years only marked by his astounding way with animals. With there being no other males in the Marshal Family he was considered the defacto heir until his cousin Geoffry Malaker was born in 285. With his prospects of legitimacy gone he through himself into his training with much zeal that he by the age of 12 reached a level of skill with horses most knights dont ever reach. His father seeing his zeal and want to become the greatest master of horse that westeros would ever see, decided agreed to squire him to the greatest knight he could persuade. He went to the most revered knights of westeros the kingsguard and using his friendship with Robert( and a bag containing 200 gold dragons) convinced Sir Meryn Trant to squire the lad. Sir Trant instilled in the boy a believe that one should never stop trying improve ones self and excel beyond whet even others think as great.

during the Greyjoy rebellion Ignacy served as a leal squire to Sir Trant and was the one that went to retrive his body after the failed attempt on king roberts life only to discover him still alive under the bodies nigh on 50 iron born and managed to get him to safety so he could be healed. It was for his bravery of going alone and saving the man responsible for saving the kings life that he was knighted after Sir Trant was recovered from his wounds. After Knighting Ignacy Sir Meryn Trant gave him a gift His own great white helm saying that he would likely not dawn this helm again if it was not for Ignacy so he hoped it would protect him as much as it had protected himself. in honor of his mentors gift Ignacy droped the name of stone and took up the name of Whitehelm.

After the greyjoy rebellion he returned to his fathers side and helped him set up the royal war academy after their former liege was able to convince the king to award a royal charter. the last 5 years he has worked with his father to design a new chivalric order based on the old andal style of horsemanship from when they were still in andelos and advance it to the modern era. That new advancement is The winged Hussar- a cavalry force that could act both light and heavy cavalry, who not only had a devastating charge but could met out heavy damage through their use sabers instead of long-swords. The new tactic to be tested by the Hussars is cyclical rapid shock and awe witha single holster on the left rear thigh of the horse the first row can have their lances out to break the formation and the rows behind can have saber at the ready to cut a path through so the unit can regroup have the front rank move to the rear and new lances ready at the front. He has finally received his fathers blessing to start recruitment and equipping the knights with their knew arms and armor(he was already starting to do this with the money hes won at tournaments unbeknownst to his father). Ignacy has moved the timetables thought up ahead of scheduled and is eager for the day he can raise the banner of The Order of The Iron Star.

Ignacy was instramental in ‘the night of red winterfell’ as it was he and his men that made sure none escaped the slaughter that took place.

as soon as the mop up was done he was given leave to gather all of his order and make due haste south sending riders out to gather the men of the vale and others and meet up with the marshal legions, southern bolton forces, and Lord Tywin which will soon move to kings landing in a pincer attack on blackfyre forces.

Ignacy 'Whitehelm' Casimir Grand Duke of the Shieldlands

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