Doran Malaker

Lord of Eastgate, "Terror of Mountains"


Name: Doran Malaker
House: Malaker, Sworn to House Marshal
Gender: M
Age: 44
Titles: Lord of Eastgate
Floating/ Uninvested XP:0
Unspent Destiny Points: 2
Agility: 5 Dodge 1 quickness 2
Animal Handling: 5 ride 1 train 1
Athletics: 5 str1
Awarness: 5 notice 1
Cunning: 2
Endurance: 3
Fighting: 5 spears 3 shield 1
Healing: 3
Knowledge: 2
Persuasion: 2
Status: 5
Stealth: 1
Survival: 1
Thievery: 1
Warfare: 4
Will: 3

Qualities( Benefits/ Flaws)
Blood of Rhoyne Spear fighter 1, flaw endurance, head of house, armor mastery
Derived Stats
Intrigue Defense: 12
Composure: 9
Health: 9
Combat Defense: 23/19

Armor Type: Hard leather or plate
Armor Rating: 4/11
Armor Penalty:1/5

Weapon Name: war lance
Test Dice used: 5 3
Weapon Damage calculation:Ah +4
str impale vicious

ath fast

large shield
ath -2 def +5


Doran Malaker Is a Dornish Tourney knight that decided to travel throughout the kingdoms and compete for glory wining his spurs during the early reign of king areys the II. He has competed at many tourneys the most famous of which are the tourney at lannisport and the tourney at Harenhall. At the age of 23 he decided that he would test the knights of the vale for good opponintes it was here that he compeated at House Marshal’s yearly Tournement. He won handily the melee. However the joust was where he shone as bright as the seven pointed star. He unseated every knight he fought without them ever breaking a lance. During the Three day Tournament Doran laid his eyes upon Lady Telaryn and was love struck at first sight. falling deeply in love with Fire red hair and piercing blue eyes. Doran was able to maneuver into the ladies presence and was instantly in her good graces with his charming Dornish goodlooks, an a easy smile, and an even easier laugh, however what she loved most was spark of life and joy that shone from his emerald green eyes. before the melee and the joust she made sure that he had a fresh favor of hers. when he won the joust and named Telaryn the queen of love and beauty. Lord Alak Marshal took notice of his daughters happiness and decided to but the man to the test. he offered Doran his choice between one favor from House Marshal that was within their ability to give or take 3 times the amount of golddragons he won in the melee and joust(some 22,000 gold dragons) but warned that either choice will have a consequence the end he chose the favor and ask for lady Telaryns hand in marriage Lord Alek obliged and thus house Malaker became a house of the vale.

In the War of seven kings Doran’s greatest accomplishment being at the battle and reverse siege of Riverrun he (in a fit of rage) charged the Mountain alone unhorsed him and proceeded to jump from his still charging horse and beat the man unconscious while demanding he confess to the murder and rape of Elia Martell and her children, he continued to beat the mountain even after he put his sword through Lord Dorans stomach. after he finally knocked Clegane unconscious he took his helmet and use it to destroy what was left of the lannisters forces morale.

He has left his children in the north to act as observers. He now commands what is left of the Bolton forces in the north with the support of the umbers and karstarks. he has taken small jon umber as his second in command.

Doran Malaker

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