Bruce Marshal 'Sunderer of Hearth and Kith'-Dead

Master of Mountain and sky. Master of war for Joffrey Baratheon, Fostering and has as a squire [[:meraxes-pyremount | Meraxes Pyremount]]


Name: Bruce Marshal
House: Marshal
Gender: M
Age: 45
Titles: Lord of Eastpoint, Master of War, High Commander of “The Kings Royal War Academy of the Shieldlands”, Founder of the Order of the Iron Star, ‘Sunderer of hearth and kin’
Floating/ Uninvested XP: 5
Unspent Destiny Points:2
Agility: 4
Animal Handling: 4 R1
Athletics: 5 S2
Awarness: 5
Cunning: 4
Deception: 1
Endurance: 4
Fighting: 6 axe4 shield 2 Spear 1
Healing: 1
Language: 4 common
Knowledge: 5 teaching 2
Marksmanship: 1
Persusasion: 4
Status: 7
Stealth: 1
Survival: 4
Thievery: 1
Warfare: 6 Command 2 Tactics 2
Will: 4 D1

Qualities( Benefits/ Flaws)
axe fight 3, Armor mastory 2, Heirloom
Flaw stealth and thievery.

Derived Stats
Intrigue Defense: Awareness + Cunning + Status= 19
Composure: Will X 3 = 12
Health: Endurance X 3= 15
Combat Defense: Agility + Athletics + Awareness + Defensive Bonus – Armor Penalty=16

Armor Type: full plate
Armor Rating:12
Armor Penalty:-4
Bulk: 1

Weapon Name: valaryian steel battleaxe “BreathTaker” powerful, shatter 2, adaptable,
Test Dice used: 6 B4
Weapon Damage calculation: 1H ath + STR, 2H Ath +2 + STR
*repeat these as necessary


Lord Marshall is the 207th Lord of his house, whom were the first house to swear fealty to house Rathais. In their long and illustrious history they have always been the right hand of the Rathais and are considered to be a militant house since their founding where in the age of the Andal invasion their first lord Lofric took command of the Borigan host( the main family in which house Rathais is a branch house of. how the Rathais became became the main branch is obscure and the Rathais are not keen on the details of it, what is known is that the Borigan Line was extinguished after they bent the knee to the andal Arryns.) when the Lord Rathis( soon to be first lord of house Rathais ) was to injured to carry on and had to be evacuated back to Skyring keep. After the Lord was taken away and moral was low Lofric made a speech to inspire the men and while the words of that speech have been lost to time their effect on the men is remembered.( Where other people who were there remarked on the way he marshaled the troops and thus how his houses named Marshall are not directly linked it can be considered a safe bet) he then led them into battle and managed a flanking maneuver through thick woods and took the Andals by surprise this caused enough confusion that the andal host was driven off and the Lord Borigan was able to negotiate their fealty from a strong position.

Bruce Marshall was not meant to inherit his lands born the third son of Alak Marshall and a lesser daughter of house Royce he was originally meant to be sent to old town and the citadel for training as a maester.(fortunately as a boy he was the most receptive of his fathers children to learning from the masters of the past and was enamored with any copy of a book he could lay his hand on that pertained to battles of the past.) He was six when he was sent of to the citadel but he only stayed for two years due to the deaths of his brothers on the the stepstones during the fifth blackfyre rebellion. during his time there he became a diligent and amazing pupil learning things it had taken older children years to learn, by the time he left he could compete academically with trainees that had been there 5 or six years. with his knew status of heir Bruce was originally forced to the drill yard where he would learn the skills that befitted his fathers heir. however, after a few months Bruce took to his training faster then he ever did to his book, where as most men of house Marshall have favored a variety of swords in the past Bruce took much better to the swing of an ax more so then he ever did a sword. and while he is not the best fighter in westeros he holds close to the top of a short list. very few men have ever considered that lord Marshall would be no or little threat in a fight. even fewer of those men live. His most notable accomplishments remain standing side by side with Robert Baratheon at the battle of the trident and warding attacks from the kings flanks as he pushed on towards Rheagar Targaryian and his masterful command of his new military academy. His most prized possession is a single ruby he managed to pull from the water that had adorned Rheagar’s plate mail.

Lord Marshall has never Married and his only relatives are his elder sister Telaryn (40) and here husband Doran Malaker(formerly a wandering knight of Dorne) and their two children Elyse(18) and Geoffrey(16), Bruce’s heir apparent(name after prince joffry who’s birth preceded his by a week)) and a single bastard son John(20), it is known that Lady Telaryn is pregnant once more. Lord Marshall tried to acquire lady Gwen rathais hand from her uncle on many occasions but was always turned down. With Gwen now married to Lord Pyremount and out of the market Lord Bruce has searched for a possible lady to take as wife but with the war of five kings destabilizing the kingdom there has been little time to find a proper match.

on Lord Bruces personality it is said that he can come off a dower man when not in the company of friends. as of late it is noticed that he drinks more then he used to. when around friends and nice libations he is known to generally be a jovial man but can quickly swing into moods of melancholy. Bruce has stepped on a few feathers in his early years when his brusque manners affronted some people, time has smoothed his rougher edges however when business needs to be dealt with his is the first to drop formality and speak his mind but even he knows when it is best to speak and best to be silent.

Bruce is Lord of House Marshall and commands a good swath of land and excellent holdings. he owns 9 square leagues of land split into 3 different domains. one nestled at the lower slope of a mountain that is home to the large town of Eastpoint and the Famous Castle Eastpoint that people have named along side other great castles such as Winnterfell, Stormsend, and Dragonstone. 3 leagues out from Eastpoint proper is the lands known as The March it is comprised of a heavily forested hilly area whos only defining feature is the road that cuts through it connecting Eastpoint to the hamlet of Marchers End and the small castle that protects it on the open plains of East Valley in the vale( which Lord Doran Malaker has been named castellen of until the finished construction of his own holdfast).

Bruce has the fealty of Five Banner lords and with all armies combined they make a force 4 and a half thousand men.(It is to be noted that while not a large force this does not take into account the fact that these some of the only professional standing forces in westeros and thus punch significantly above their weight than their numbers would imply. also House Marshal can raise several times this number in small folk but lord Marshal is hesitate to let those who have little training fight any battle.)

Is squiring Meraxes Pyremount

Has declared himself King of the Shields and master of Mountain and Sky.

Was the deciding factor in the 2nd battle of the trident when he betrayed Lord Tywin Lannister midbattle and took the right flank of tywins forces( all bannermen and soldiers of house marshal)and attacked the center just as stark and lannister men started to fight in the crossing causing a major route and trapping the lannister vanguard in the river caught between the pikes of House Marshal and the axes and swords of the north.

Has treated with king Robb formed an alliance, convinced him to consider marrying his niece Elyse(Whom Robb has already impregnated) and secure the northern lords leal and faithful service to him by convinsing him to marry Lady Sansa to Lord Roose the second most powerful Lord in the North.

Has scraped together the last of his reserve forces and gathered many hedge knights of the riverlands, Vale, and some norther knights to form the Order of the Iron Star who fight in the Hussar style of the Old Vale. these knights can play a versatile roll acting as heavy or light lancers whenever needed. so they can act in whatever position in necessary a heavy gauntleted fist to break the opponents face or the quick knife ready to cut open the underbelly.

Has destroyed the Male Line of House Stark in the “Night the Red Winter Fell” but lost his dear friend Roose Bolton.

has pacified the north and left his niece and nephew at the karstarks and manderlys respectively to watch over them and act as ‘hostage’ both have ways of contacting the men stationed in the north to protect themselves if a second pacification must occur.

In the year 298 Bruce Marshall died taking the city of Kingslanding where he tricked the defenders into believing that they were the to reinforce and bring fresh supplies to the defenders when his army entered the city the enemy forces started to surender in mass droves. He was killd in the sept of Baylor with his heir no-one knows what happened and if anyone does their not talking

Bruce Marshal 'Sunderer of Hearth and Kith'-Dead

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