Benok the Faceless (deceased)

Freed Slave


Name: Benok
House: N/A
Gender: M
Age: 26
Titles: the Faceless
Floating/ Uninvested XP: 0
Unspent Destiny Points: 1
Agility: 4, 1B Quickness
Animal Handling: 4
Athletics: 4
Awarness: 4, 2B Notice
Cunning: 3
Deception: 3
Endurance: 3
Fighting: stat 3
Healing: stat 3
Language: stat 2
Knowledge: stat 3, 1B streetwise
Marksmanship: 3
Persusasion: 4
Status: 2
Stealth: 5
Survival: 4
Thievery: 4, 1B Lock Pick, 1B Sleight of Hand, 1B Stealth
Warfare: 1
Will: stat 4, 1B Courage

Qualities( Benefits/ Flaws)
Night Eyes
Expertise: Streetwise
Hatred: Slavers
Flaw: status( when in Essos only)

Derived Stats
Intrigue Defense: 9
Composure: 12
Health: 9
Combat Defense: 12

Armor Type: Common Clothes
Armor Rating: 0
Armor Penalty: 0
Bulk: 0

Weapon Name:
Test Dice used:
Weapon Damage calculation:
*repeat these as necessary


Benok was an slave in Yunkai for all of his childhood for as much as he remembers. One day after being beaten for accidentally looking his master in the eye Benok was thrown into the fighting pits at the tender age of 6. however much to the amusement of his master Benok thrived in the pits and after 6 years his master withdrew him from the pits and decided to have Benok trained to be his personal assassin. He learned many skills while under the tender care of Master Reigny. he learned to speak and read five different languages, move through crowds and shadows unnoticed, and learned the politics of Yunkai, Asterpor, and Meereen. He was content to stay a loyal servant to his master, for as long as he succeed in his masters missions he was well fed and given a life the other slaves could only dream of.

Everything changed when Benok finally failed in his duty he was to protect his masters daughter and her soon to be husband in Meereen while the preparations for the wedding were being completed. The day before the wedding ( and after Benok had stopped no less then six assassination attempts) he finally failed a rival master who did not want Reigny to have a powerful ally in Meereen had decided to double down on his efforts and had contracted 3 of the highest skilled assassins in slavers bay to work together to kill Drucilla and Pembok her fiancee as well as their protector. to make a long story short Benok managed to kill two of the assassins however in the time it took him to accomplish that the third had managed to kill Pembok Benok did manage to make it in time to save Drucilla.

When reigny heard news of his soon to be goodsons death he ordered Benok to 2 months isolation in the darkest hole he could find. it was about a month into his incarceration that Benok finally broke down emotionally and broke the conditioning of loyalty that he had been trained his whole life to have. it was also at this time Drucilla managed to convince her father that Benok had faced enough punishment and that one failure should not outshine a career of otherwise perfection. She convinced her father that Benok could protect her while her father found her another husband.

Benok grew close to Drucilla as his time as her protector and she in turn grew close to him. then on the third year of his duty then become something more then guardian and ward. they became lovers. over the course of the year they had many liaisons under her fathers nose but when they found out she was pregnant they new that they had to flee because master Reigny would kill them all if he ever found out.

Alas the gods did not stand with them in their hurried flight from the city and they were caught just outside of the gates of Astapor where Benok had made arrangements for a ship to take them to brovos. when they were dragged before Reigny they could only beg for the life of their child reigny’s Grandchild. Their begging infuriated him so much that he broke the crystalline goblet in his hand and sent shards everywhere. he then said " I have no daughter and i most assuredly have no Grandchild" he then sentenced them to die in the pits that benok grew up in. they were kept in a dark cell beneath the pits for two day as Reigny prepared festivities to celebrate their coming deaths. on the day of the celebration the two were forced into more chains and brought up to the central pit. Drucilla was chained to the central pillar and Benok was led of to a side arena and re leased from his bonds and given two daggers. he then ran back to the portcullis that separated the arena he was in from the central one that Drucila was in he then heard reigny shout out that if Benok managed to kill all of his opponents in time then he might be able to save drucilla from a painful death. as Reigny was speaking Benok could see about twenty men come into the side arena and finally Reigny said release the animals to which benok promptly start to look from where the animals would come in only to hear Drucilla scream he quickly turned around and saw the animals were in the central arena! there were Giant Brown bears of westeros, the Striped Cats of YI TI, and the Maned cats of the Dothraki sea and a great many other predators and prey. as the animals in the main arena started too slaughter each other Benok started to slaughter the men in the arena with him however these men gave as good as they got and benok took just as many wounds as the number of men he killed as he rushed to the portcullis and the wench that would raise it that the animals were almost done killing each other and all that was left standing was the Big Brown and the Striped One. as he tried to pull on the wench Benok learned something terrible he had no strength left in his arms all. he could barely move them. he could hear the crowed jeering at him say come on why dont you open the gate dont you care for your love and her child?!? are you just a coward?! can you fight no more?!? at these jeers Benok manages to find whats left of his strength to pull on the wench and slowly raise the gate. as this goes on the central arena is in a frenzy hoping to see which animal is going to win the Striped One circles the Great Brown and the Great Brown moves to keep it in front of it with quick motion the Striped One tries to Jump over the Great Brown however it slips on the entrails of a Maned One and crashes face first into the Great Brown who raises a giant paw and bats him in to the arena wall with a great crunching sound. the crowed goes wild that the Great Browns victory. the sound seems to agitate it. it turns to face the only other living thing in the arena with it and raises on its back two feet and roars a victory roar as it stands up Benok notices that standing its almost 9 ft tall. when benok raises the gate to the point where a small child might crawl under it he finds he can raise it no more he just does not have the strength left. and the portcullis comes crashing down with a thud as it hits the sand. he crawls to the portcullis and sees the Great Brown moving closer too Drucilla he shouts and tries to get its attention and get it away from her bet for some reason it focuses on her as if she was the only thing in the world. Drucilla knowing that her and her child’s end is near and knowing that Benok can do no more looks over to Benok and says “we love you we will see you again my love” Benok weeps and the crowd goes silent. as the bear reaches she stares at her father in his box and doesn’t stop until her head is torn from her body. the wails of agony that come from benok are said to still echo in to the cells underneath the fighting pits to this day. This was the day Benok decided that even if it cost him his life he would Bring Reigny’s world down around him.

Benok the Faceless (deceased)

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