Benok the Faceless

Freed Slave


Name: Benok
House: N/A
Gender: M
Age: 26
Titles: the Faceless
Floating/ Uninvested XP: 0
Unspent Destiny Points: 1
Agility: 4, 1B Quickness
Animal Handling: 4
Athletics: 4
Awarness: 4, 2B Notice
Cunning: 3
Deception: 3
Endurance: 3
Fighting: stat 3
Healing: stat 3
Language: stat 2
Knowledge: stat 3, 1B streetwise
Marksmanship: 3
Persusasion: 4
Status: 2
Stealth: 5
Survival: 4
Thievery: 4, 1B Lock Pick, 1B Sleight of Hand, 1B Stealth
Warfare: 1
Will: stat 4, 1B Courage

Qualities( Benefits/ Flaws)
Night Eyes
Expertise: Streetwise
Hatred: Slavers
Flaw: status( when in Essos only)

Derived Stats
Intrigue Defense: 9
Composure: 12
Health: 9
Combat Defense: 12

Armor Type: Common Clothes
Armor Rating: 0
Armor Penalty: 0
Bulk: 0

Weapon Name:
Test Dice used:
Weapon Damage calculation:
*repeat these as necessary


Benok the Faceless

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