Welcome! this campaign takes place in Westeros and Essos of GRRM’s world of a song of ice and fire. this is accomplished by using Green Ronin’s ASOIF:RPG.

We play a style of game within the book call ‘a game of thrones’ which means that every person in the group owns their own house and controls members of that house to act within the world. Currently within the game there are houses Marshal, Coldwater, Fearchar, Fyre, Blackweir(Blackfyre), and Pyremount. These houses are spread over Westeros with different allies and enemies. Houses Marshall and Coldwater both belong to the Vale of Balish(yeah someone messed up and Balish is in charge), House Fearchar is of the Iron Islands but has been banished to an Island off of bear Island, House Fyre resides on Dragon stone and is Stannis’ principle banner house, Blackfyre controls a significant amount of the north and has formed a knightly order that reveres the old gods and is on the level of the Teutonic Knights, Pyremount is situated in the Reach and worships the Red god.

We also have a concurrent Essos adventure that we play at the same time and is placed here aswell that deals with indvidual characters and how they deal with the Targaryian prince and princess and their trials and tribulations in essos. Current characters include the twin sons of Oberyn Martel, the Former Lord of House Pyremount, a Merchent prince of Bravoss, and the heir to demolished house who has been given Astapor. Danny is still pregnant and has been convinced that taking westeros and then coming back to free the slaves is the best idea.

Death has rarely lifted its head in this game but as the war of five kings heats up it is expected to become a well encountered character in the game. What few deaths have occurred have brought tears to eyes and trimmers in the heart, to name these few, Aedan Rathais betrayed by his best friend and slaughtered whos last cry to his men rallying their spirit and the fire in their souls and helped cut a swath through on coming cavalry while wildfire was at their back and his final stand where he cut a horse in Twain from sternum to ass before falling to sheer numbers. Then there is poor Benok a former slave turned assassin turned lover turned fugitive turned pit fight turned assassin and freedom fighter. whom sold his very life so that Danny might free the unsullied and take astapor. We have Poor prince Aegon who died as a squire to the heir of house blackfyre defending Arya Stark and her ‘Dancing Teacher’. Then the deaths of Cereena Rathais nee Lanister the wife of Aeden Rathais along with their three children all hung at Pike for Aedens involvement in the annihilation of house Greyjoy. Renly Baratheon was burned alive at Stormsend while stannis was still under the control of the red women. The next to die were Robb Stark, Bran Stark, Rickon Stark, Arya Stark, Roose Bolton, & Rammsey snow at the Night of Red as Winter fell. Bruce Marshall showed his true colors as a lannister man as he cut off Robbs head as he consumated his marriage to his niece and then cut the throats of Rickon and Bran whom said all he could see was snow. Roose fell to the arrows of his own son, but returned from the dead and gutted his son before being dispached by Bruce… find out what happens next at the next session who will live? who will Die? the song nears the end…